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Krav Maga Hybrid

Krav Maga Hybrid is the evolution of traditional Krav Maga

First-line self-defense for everyone; quick to learn and very effective.

Krav Maga Hybrid - the evolution of traditional Krav Maga - is a non-commercial, fair system that ensures your safety. Only those who work on the street are trained.

Small groups for maximum attention, highest quality instruction and regular REALITY CHECKS

Of course, the question remains whether KMH is better than the traditional, commercial systems. You can read that HERE.


Without weapons your training is incomplete

Philippine weapon-based combat system

Filipino way of self defense: spectacular and effective. Fits perfectly into any type of self-defense

A weapon based combat system where armed techniques can be directly converted to unarmed combat.

Panantukan | Pangamot

Unarmed is the same as armed

Filipino way of self defense: spectacular and effective. Fits perfectly into any type of self-defense

Eskrima naturally also provides for unarmed combat. It cannot be overemphasized, but an important feature of Eskrima is that all armed techniques transition seamlessly to unarmed ones. In fact, you learn 3 combat systems with one effort: knife and stick fighting and unarmed combat.

Hybrid Combat Systems

For the professionals

For working under high pressure in public areas for public safety

HCS has been specially developed for security professionals and those who may come into contact with violence and aggression in their professional life.

Self Protection Especially for Women

Ladies Only Defense Course

The Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) System is designed to teach women defensive concepts and techniques against various types of attacks and women-specific unwanted situations by using simple, effective, and proven self-defense and martial arts tactics. This system of realistic defense gives women the insight to make an informed decision about resistance and self-protection. The R.A.D. system was developed on and for American campuses.

Boxing cardio Heavy bag training

Fitness, strength and weight management

The fitness and strength of a boxer without physical contact; the punching bag is your opponent. Boxing cardio is a unique and challenging training that focuses on improving fitness, strength and endurance.

Two workouts a week!

Pocketstick Training

Legally armed

The Pocketstick, or Kubotan, Yawara, is an effective weapon for self-defense. The great thing… it's legal!

Part of the Eskrima training

Personal Training

For best results

Three forms of Personal Training: Personal HEALTH -, Personal FIGHT - and Personal WEAPONS Training.

PERSONAL HEALTH is all about your health. Follow our unique methods that lead to amazing results.

PERSONAL FIGHT: You want to learn one of our martial arts, but you can't participate in the group lessons. Or you want an intro as preparation for the group lessons. Private training will help you on your way.

PERSONAL WEAPONS: Step into the fascinating world of sticks, knives, machetes, kubotans where these weapons represent everyday objects for self-protection.