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Hybrid Combat Systems

The Evolution of traditional Krav Maga 

We redefine Selfdefence

Hybrid Combat Systems

.. is not a new martial art or Martial Art but a dynamic form of self-defense developed especially for the street. HCS is intended for security professionals and those who may come into contact with aggression in their professional life. The system revolves around the following aspects:

• de-escalation

• self defense

• use and protection against blunt and sharp weapons

• protection of third parties

• protection against multiple opponents

• neutralization and arrest

HCS is a unique choice. Read more: 

Hybrid Combat Systems is our unique choice in self defense systems, based on Filipino Martial Arts, Defense Lab, traditional Krav Maga and other relevant street related systems.

HCS is the evolution of traditional Krav Maga: only things that are useful in stressful situations are trained. Safe handling of weapons, such as those found on the street, is fully integrated in the training. Also the pressure of multiple opponents and bystanders whose role is unknown; everything is trained under that specific pressure. There is a lot of attention for acting in concert against aggressive elements.

Why should you train Hybrid Combat Systems?

Choosing Hybrid Combat System means:

  • small groups, so continuous instruction; you learn at lightning speed
  • maximum attention and instruction
  • everything is trained under the pressure of multiple opponents
  • proportionality and subsidiarity is always the starting point

  • About how Hybrid Combat Systems came about? The difference with KMH and how you can register as a company to train this fantastic method.

    Hybrid Combat Systems was developed with the help of a number of like-minded people from the security world. The training courses for RTGB teacher and teacher Resilience and Aggression Regulation form the basis of HCS.

    Important for the training is the starting point of how quickly someone can master this system. Time efficiency then dictates that what does not work on the street is not trained.

    You can register HERE. The main difference is that weapon-related self-defense is treated separately during the Eskrima classes and is also implemented there in unarmed self-defense. At HCS this is one whole.

    If you want to offer it to staff as a company, you can do that too. Contact us by mail or call 06-53 192 418.