Vision & Mission

The Dutch Krav Maga Federation (DKMF) focuses on those who want to understand and master the combat and self-defense concepts, as developed by DKMF-FC, to improve their own safety and to protect themselves and/or others in emergency situations . DKMF Fight Concepts considers it its mission to improve everyone's safety because ... the best bodyguard is yourself!

We believe that this is a responsibility that everyone should take to heart! To this end, realistic training courses, seminars and workshops in the field of personal safety are offered to both citizens and professionals who (may) be confronted with aggression due to their profession. DKMF-FC ignores any rivalry between the different Krav Maga systems or the resulting competition between the different schools. No prejudices, no politics: just the most realistic, hardest and open system.

After all, it's just about our safety.