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Personal Health Training

Building a better condition? Weight loss? Or an increase in weight? Want to become more flexible and flexible?

You had an injury resulting in loss of function and you want to recover?

I help you achieve your goals in a responsible and safe manner under my expert and enthusiastic guidance.

Personal Fight Training

Personal Fight Training is specifically aimed at martial arts and self-defense:

Krav Maga Hybrid, Hybrid Combat Systems, Eskrima Knife Fighting, Eskrima Stickfighting, Pocketstick and Dirty boxing.

Goal: an introduction to the sport, rapid progress, preparation for group lessons or learning a specific set of techniques to use within your own self-defense system.

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Personal Weapons training

Personal training in the fascinating world of sticks, knives, machetes, karambits and kubotans where these weapons represent everyday objects for self-protection. ranging from an umbrella, handbag, glasses to a telephone.

For whom? For anyone who wants to be healthy and fit, for anyone who wants to master proper self-defense.

For enforcers who want to be able to do more than just the basic instruction about their baton.

Filipino Martial Arts to the max.

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