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Panantukan | Dirty boxing

Panantukan, also called Pangamot or Dirty Boxing, originated in the Philippines and is still unknown to the general public.

Realistic, hard, fast and effective: this is the best way to describe this fighting art. Pangamot, Filipino street fighting, means "total combat", everything is allowed. Victory is key. The Filipino unarmed combat style is also called "Panantukan", "Pananjakman" or "Mano Mano", but the Panantukan of Eskrima goes much further. The martial art has been completely modernized by us and adapted to the requirements of our time!

Panantukan is a combat system without limits. It includes techniques such as punches with fists and open hand strikes, the forearms and elbows, knees, kicks, punches in the eyes and ears, clamps, crushes, pulling and pushing of the opponent and techniques to upset the balance of the opponent . A special feature of Panantukan is the instant destruction of the opponent's attacking arm or leg.

The classes don't just include technical training; much attention is paid to effectiveness, speed, dynamics, timing, precision and - for all Filipino styles - typical flow drills. Unlike competitive boxing and kickboxing, Panantukan uses the whole body as a weapon, which explains and defines the uniqueness of the system.

Panantukan is a fantastic addition to other martial arts: the system integrates easily and seamlessly. The training is integrated in the various KMH and Eskrima training courses.