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Training Krav Maga Hybrid, Hybrid Combat Systems and Eskrima is less about the techniques than you might think. Technology is a means to achieve something. And that 'something' is always the same: safety! How you achieve or maintain that safety doesn't really matter much.

So Krav Maga Hybrid is not about technique, but what is it about?

Mindset makes you have to go to the hospital or continue on your way. To understand this, you first need to know what types of aggression you can encounter. Simply put, people who seek out or initiate aggressive confrontations are in one of the following states of mind:

Fight Mode

Someone who are in 'Fight mode' is not so dangerous; it takes a while an ego to be affirmed. The damage is limited to a black eye, a crooked nose or some scratches. Very annoying but there won't be much more to happen. The battle is unarmed. Are weapons available? threatened; the aggressor actually doesn't dare to use them either. In fact, it's just pretty annoying.

Combat Mode

Located someone is in a 'combat mode' then we have a confrontation of one completely different dimension. Weapon use is more the rule than the exception and now are they actually used. An aggressor in 'combat mode' is not afraid of anything, is no longer knowingly or ignoring the consequences of the damage he inflicts, sense of reality is absent. Doesn't stop after a few solid hits either. His goal is to inflict serious damage on his victim. The consequences of such an action are terrible: no full recovery, not infrequently the victims die as a result of such violence. The level of danger differs substantially and that's where we train emphatically on stress drills and scenarios where you have several have opponents.