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Filipino Martial Arts

Looking for something new? A new sport? A new challenge?

Try Eskrima. Escrima is a weapon-based sport from the Philippines. Training in the Filipino martial arts is challenging and improves focus, confidence and level of fitness.

The skills you learn in Eskrima are easily transferable to your own sport or self-defense system, to improvised weapons and to unarmed combat.

Filipino martial arts are both a practical method of self-defense and a martial art.

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Eskrima, Kali and Arnis are the collective names of the Philippine martial arts, originated centuries ago and continuously developed for and through their function in periods of crisis. Eskrima teaches the practitioner to fight and defend himself armed and unarmed.

Eskrima is a system, not a collection of techniques, but a martial art with a carefully thought-out structure that enables you to extend the principles of armed combat to unarmed self-defense.

Specific Eskrima exercises develop extraordinary coordination, flexibility, agility and grace. Since the weapons are extensions of the arms, you can use these techniques just as easily in unarmed combat.

One of Eskrima's strongest points is that you can integrate it into any other martial art.

The goal of the training is not only physical resilience, but also the development of self-confidence, resistance to stress and offering the outlet that everyone sometimes needs.

We train twice a week on Wednesday and Friday.

Schipperplein 2 Almere-Centrum

Yes, but we do maintain a minimum age of 16 years with permission from parent/guardian, etc.

The uniqueness of our method is that armed and unarmed combat require the same skills.

And there is more, besides the necessity of such training: you become fitter, stronger, and also healthier. Not only physically, also mentally. You learn to make decisions in a split second and that gives you more confidence in yourself.

Participation in the training affects work, private life, school, other sports, etc. Do you think safety - for yourself, your loved ones - is important?

Join us!!

The origin of Eskrima
From armed to unarmed
Filipino boxing

The origin of Eskrima

Transition armed to unarmed combat

Panantukan: Filipino boxing, also called dirty boxing

Balintawak: close combat Eskrima