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The fitness training is a workout in which you stand alone or in pairs near a punching bag and train all muscle groups - both strength and endurance - without physical contact with another person. The exercises you perform are simple combinations borrowed from boxing and kickboxing. Although heavy bag training is already a major effort, there is also a block of strength training in every workout using own body weight.

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The workout is suitable for everyone, men and women, of all ages and fitness levels. It is possible to determine your own intensity during the training sessions. Punching bag training offers many benefits for your body and mind. This workout is a combination of strength & cardio training and therefore good for the whole body.

Requirements for participation in these trainings:

• desire to stay or become physically healthy

• motivation to lose a few pounds

• comfortable sportswear

• a good dose of enthusiasm

• also a good dose of commitment

• boxing gloves

The purpose of the training is

• improving the overall strength of the body

• improvement of cardiovascular fitness

• spectacular weight loss

• condition maintenance in case of injuries

• maintain and improvement overall flexibility

• better eye-hand coordination

• removes stress

• stronger muscles

• if you have gone to the extreme for an entire hour, you will be burning fat for hours afterwards!

• lose the daily stress

Trainings are given every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Schipperplein 2, Almere-Centre.

Would you rather train 1 on 1? Private training to build up fitness is also possible! Email or call for an appointment!

From a hygienic point of view, it is our advice to purchase your own boxing gloves. Unfortunately we only have a few pairs to borrow.

Heavy Bag Condition Trainings are now offered on  Monday, Wednesday and Friday. During the day or at the weekend you can also book small group training sessions with family, friends or colleagues. Personal Training is of course also possible.